There are scores of reasons why purchasing gift cards in bulk is good for everyone, company-wide. For example, giftcards are often the key underpinning of sales incentive programs. On the marketing front, customer engagement and consumer loyalty are greatly influenced with gift card rewards. HR departments have long been fans of cards for holiday gifts, employee rewards, staff appreciation and employee recognition.  Finance teams leverage egiftcards as a valuable tool in their employee compensation plans. In the past, finding the right fulfillment items for corporate gifting was difficult. But that’s no longer the case. All that said, you’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. These top FAQs to buy gift cards in bulk will eliminate the guesswork. Buying bulk gift cards is definitely the way to go. 

Top FAQs to Buy Gift Cards in Bulk

Executive Summary

Here’s a rapid fire executive summary to give you all the confidence you need to schedule a demo and register for an account: No minimum orders. No short term contracts. Intuitive interface makes administrative tasks simple. Same-day digital gift card delivery. Physical gift cards too! Free personalization, greeting cards, photo upload and video messaging. Automated delivery scheduler. Secure web-based dashboard. API integration available, out of the box. More than 300 top brands to choose from. Security and reporting features you expect and require. The best gift cards to order in bulk! From the best gift card platform in the business, eGifter Rewards. 

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It’s Never Been This Easy to Buy Bulk Gift Cards

With instant access to hundreds of the best retail stores and restaurants, it’s easy to pick out an item they’ll appreciate. Or, send a Rewards Choice Card to let recipients choose the gift they want most. Spend less time and effort on your corporate gifts by signing up for eGifter Rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which gift card brands are available? There are literally hundreds to choose from including Visa, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, TJ Maxx, Uber Eats, DoorDash and Best Buy. View the full gift card catalog here.

How many rewards can be sent at one time? Send one gift card to a single recipient, or send to thousands. There is no limit to the number of gift cards you can deliver in a single order. 

Do you offer both digital and physical gift cards? Yes! Your creativity is only limited by your imagination. For any use case or strategic initiative, there’s a delivery method that will fit the bill.

What is the minimum order? Good news — there are no minimum order requirements!

Must I sign a long term contract? Even better — there are no long term contracts to sign!

Can we brand the messages to reflect our corporate identity? Indeed. With your corporate branding package, a visually seamless experience takes place, associating the gift with your brand.

How easy is it for our recipients to receive and spend their gift cards? Couldn’t be easier. Gift cards are a popular and widely accepted way to shop today. Everyone appreciates the convenience of paying at the register from a mobile phone or entering a code at an online checkout page. Get with the program and sign up today. 

How do we get started? Talk to a sales consultant or register for an account.