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The Best Selection

Add Gift Cards from over 300 top brands as well as Visa® eRewards. You can even let your recipients choose their own reward!


Customize the solution with your company’s logo and branding. Add messages and even photos to each gift card order for a personal touch.


All the checks and balances are in place to make eGifter the most secure rewards solution available. Register today!

Mobile & Digital Delivery

Recipients can use any device – phone, tablet, computer – to get their gift cards. Our all-digital delivery eliminates the overhead of managing and distributing physical gift cards.


Send individual rewards, upload a spreadsheet, or order in bulk. API integration is also available.

How It Works

Either assign a gift card or choose an eGifter Rewards Choice Card and allow your recipient to choose their own reward. You can even choose a Visa® Rewards Digital account. Give your recipient complete spending power at any participating retailer.

Choose from an entirely digital solution or use our intuitive platform to send physical gift cards. HR professionals can send gift cards along with digital greetings. It has never been simpler to acknowledge milestones, celebrate holidays, give thanks, or boost morale.

Marketing teams can utilize this all-inclusive rewards platform to deliver incentives right to customer inboxes. If you need to send a lot of rewards at once, simply upload a single spreadsheet. Customize your text, add your logo, and we’ll do the rest. It’s a fun, efficient solution that will keep your clients coming back for more.

Your registration gives you access to the eGifter Rewards dashboard. From there, you can allocate rewards budgets for your business by department. It’s the simplest way to incorporate fun, appealing incentives into your company’s culture.

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