As you consider the potential array of retail gift card brands to include in your rewards and incentives catalog or mobile rewards app, be sure to remember the Vanilla eGift Visa gift card, also known as Virtual Visa. This open loop, prepaid Vanilla Visa gift card is available in several denominations ($25, $50, $100). Arguably the most flexible payment method, this eReward can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted (for online, phone and mail order purchases in the U.S.) Smart procurement managers by bulk visa gift cards for employees,  marketing promotions, customer appeasement, sales incentives campaigns and more.

With digital business reward cards like the Vanilla Visa card, recipients never have to wait for a physical gift card to arrive in the mail. With the number one concern of maximizing ROI, Vanilla Visa virtual rewards cards offer a really flexible solution for any reward scenario — from rebate programs to health and wellness incentives to customer appeasement to gamification cash out rewards for mobile apps and gaming.

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eGift Vanilla Visa: Just Like a Traditional Visa Card, Only Better

Here are just a few of the many compelling reasons people love digital Visa gift cards, which are almost as flexible as cash.

1. Visa Credit Cards are Widely Known and Fully Trusted

Visa is one of the archetypal brands in payment processing the world over. Because everyone knows and trusts Visa, consumers have an automatic affinity and regard without any additional fanfare. The halo effect received by giving the Virtual Visa gift card as part of an award, recognition or incentive program adds a valuable and positive element to any program, just by brand transference. 

2. With It, They’ll Purchase a Gift They’re Sure to Love

Whether you’re acknowledging a milestone accomplishment or simply want to send congratulations or express appreciation, this gift of choice lets them spend the value on what counts. By nature, Vanilla eGift Visa Virtual Account gift cards are quick and convenient to use. Lucky recipients can shop and purchase over the phone or online — and even by mail order.

3. Secure

Virtual Visa Reward Cards allow recipients to pay without disclosing any financial details of the user, making it a safe, secure solution. 

4. Convenient Online Balance Check

Bonus! A digital reward website is available for 24/7 balance check, so that recipients can monitor the funds spent — and enjoy their gift card to the max.

5. Green and Eco-Friendly 

Rather than harm the environment by adding yet another piece of plastic to a landfill, Vanilla eGift Visa cards are digital and can be delivered to your recipients by email or by text message. Go green and stay green!