Not to worry! We are not going to psychoanalyze the myriad reasons you feel so overwhelmed, day after day. No, we’re not going to explore the root causes of your personal torture around procrastination. Forget it! If you’re looking for ways to overcome the self-imposed anxiety around corporate gifting, marketing fulfillment, promotional offers, trade show giveaways, compensation alternatives, customer engagement, employee loyalty, cash out prizes, sales incentives, staff recognition, guest appeasement or client retention — you’ve come to the wrong place. Suggesting ways to zap the last minute gifting blues  is not our bag (at least not in THIS post.)

Great News: Feel free to procrastinate all you want

Action your Honey Do list. Finish that last Netflix episode. Take a trip down the You Tube rabbit hole. Scroll through your newsfeeds. Scan your camera roll for great pics to share. Space out on those deep and very worldly thoughts. Enjoy playing with that shiny new object. Stop and smell the roses. Because….

With eGifter Rewards, you can afford the luxury of procrastination

With powerful gift administration features at your fingertips through our secure, self-service portal (or API integration), you can definitely wait until the last minute to place orders, send, track and manage gift items. Factor into the equation that gift cards are the one solution that can delight recipients with 100% satisfaction. It’s a one-two knockout punch: Administrative ease-of-use combined with a great recipient experience. 

For any and every sales & marketing rewards and gifting project, waiting until the last minute will never again be a problem. With automated administration for premium and incentive gifting, life is good.

Easy to Use Rewards and Incentives Portal (or API)

  • List import tools
  • One-off quick sends
  • Custom messaging
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Accounting reconciliation
  • Approval workflow keeps executives in the approval loop

Widest Selection of The Best Online and Retail Brands

  • Vanilla Visa  
  • eGifter Rewards Choice Card
  • Hundreds of brands people love for people of all ages, lifestyles, interests and preferences

Technology Rich (Though Technical Expertise is Not Required)

  • Easy, fast, intuitive to select gift cards and send them (to one, or to many)
  • A wonderful and memorable gift experience for your recipients
  • Greeting cards contain images and your personal messaging
  • Gift cards are wrapped inside
    • Digital Gift Cards (Email, Text or Printouts)
    • Physical Gift Cards (postal mail or hand delivery)
  • Mobile responsive
  • Secure access with 2 Factor Authentication

Especially on Sunday nights.

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